Yazmin Torres is a character you first meet as part of the Fixer Upper goal. She will sell you Villa Jardin, the hotel in Papagayo, and help you fix it up.

After you've renovated the hotel fully, Yazmin will stay on as an employee. Once a week, she will ask you to perform two 3-hour appearances, one in the lobby of the hotel and one by the pool.

If you manage to earn a 5-star rating on both appearances, she will call to tell you that the hotel has been fully booked. She will give you your reward, and invite you to return to the hotel again next week.


  • Yazmin and your brand manager, RT, have known each other for a long time.
  • During the renovation of the hotel, Yazmin will tell you facts about RT's past.
  • RT and Yazmin attended the same college.
  • RT and Yazmin used to date, but broke up in college.
  • Yazmin played competitive ultimate frisbee in college.
  • Yazmin believes she and RT are soul mates, but she's yet to tell him.


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