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Talk to Ray Powers to begin the event.


Spouse.png Isn't this exciting? We get to go on this great adventure together. Thanks for saying yes to this, I'm really happy!
You Speech.png 1 Anything for you!
Speech.png 2 It was a good opportunity.
Spouse.png 1 What did I ever do to deserve you? I'll never know!
2 Right, definitely. But still, getting to move forward in your career with me is still nice, right?
You Speech.png 1 (skip to the next dialogue)
Speech.png 2 Of course!
Spouse.png Oh- it looks like we're starting the intro segment!
Ray Powers.png Hello hello and welcome to our newest season of the Wild Crazy Race!
As a special treat to our viewers, this season is going to be a little bit different. Who doesn't love an old fashioned reality television twist? No one? Good!
That's why this season we're bringing you... Celebrity Couples!
The same globe trotting competition, but this time we'll be getting up close and personal with some of our favorite celeb pairs!
I'm sure you're all just as excited as I am to meet our fabulously famous contestants, so let's get to it!
Here we are in beautiful Dubai with the equally beautiful Chad Dylan Parker and Crystal Fletcher!
Crystal Fletcher.png We ARE beautiful, aren't we Chad?
Chad Dylan Parker.png Ha. What kind of question is that, Crystal? Of course we are!
If looks were all it took to win this... we'd have taken first place the moment we walked in here.
You Speech.png Ugh.
Crystal Fletcher.png SO true Chad. You know, I noticed that YourName and his/her little... pet are here.
You Speech.png What did you say?
Ray Powers.png You know I am just LOVING this drama, but at least let me introduce our other couple before the claws come out, Crystal!
We, of course, have some fan favorites here. The amazing, illustrious YourName and YourSpouseName!
You Speech.png Thanks for having us!
Spouse.png It really is! And I know with YourName by my side, we can do anything.
You Speech.png Absolutely.
Ray Powers.png Together I bet both couples feel like they could do anything.
You Speech.png For sure.
Ray Powers.png Hmm, but what if...
We switched it up?!
You Speech.png Um. What?
Ray Powers.png That's right! A twist on a twist!
Not only is this a couples edition... it's a couples SWAP!
You Speech.png WHAT?!
Crystal Fletcher.png Stop. Stop right now, stop talking.
You mean to tell me... I'm going to have to work with YourSpouseName?
You Speech.png And I'm with Chad?!
Crystal Fletcher.png UGH! This can't be true!
Ray Powers.png Not only is it true, it's what the people WANT!
Anyway, no more questions - group up with your new couple and get ready for the first clue!
And don't even try to get out of this one or I'll tell the world about how you didn't want to win money for charity or something.
I mean... have fun!
You Speech.png Wow...

Ray Powers.png Good luck, have fun! Can't wait to film all this delicious drama.
You Speech.png 1 This is the worst.
Speech.png 2 There won't be drama.
Ray Powers.png 1 But the BEST for reality television!
2 Oh yeah? We'll see about that, won't we!
You Speech.png 1 (End of Dialogue)
Speech.png 2 We will.

Crystal Fletcher.png Well... to be honest, if I can't be with Chad... YourSpouseName is a pretty good alternative.
You Speech.png 1 Hands off!
Speech.png 2 Whatever.
Crystal Fletcher.png 1 Oh as IF. Chad is my everything. It's you I should be worried about! Getting to travel the world with the most handsome man around!
2 It's SO whatever. And don't get any ideas as you travel around the world with Chad! He doesn't know how handsome and perfect he is!
You Speech.png 1 Yeah, he's dreamy.
Speech.png 2 Uh... sure...
Crystal Fletcher.png 1 I know you're just saying that to get a rise out of me but I'm not stooping to that level!
2 (end of dialogue)

Chad Dylan Parker.png I guess we're... on a team now.
I'm sure we can still win money for charity as long as you do exactly as I say. I'm super, really, very smart.
You Speech.png 1 Right...
Speech.png 2 Yeah, no.
Chad Dylan Parker.png 1 We'll need to make stops every half hour for hair touch ups of course. Oh! And I have a very strict diet, so I hope you can enjoy peeling grapes.
2 We aren't going to have very good team work if you don't listen and agree with every single thing I say!
Whatever, I'll win this thing on my own!
You Speech.png 1 Ugh...
Speech.png 2 Great.

Spouse.png Well. This is less than ideal, isn't it?
You Speech.png 1 It's terrible!
Speech.png 2 It'll be okay.
Spouse.png 1 Hey, we'll get through it! Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right?
I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm dreading having to spend any time with Crystal.
But we made a commitment to this whole thing, so I think we should see it through.
2 Yeah, you're right! I mean distance makes the heart grow fonder, right?
I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm dreading having to spend any time with Crystal.
But we made a commitment to this whole thing, so I think we should see it through.
You Speech.png 1 You're right.
Speech.png 2 It'll be okay.
Spouse.png What do you think, should I let you win?
You Speech.png 1 Yeah!
Speech.png 2 I'll win fair and square!
Spouse.png 1
2 Oh really? I guess we'll see about that!
Heh, honestly it's kind of fun to have this friendly competition with you.
You Speech.png 1
Speech.png 2 Let's do this!
Spouse.png 1
2 You're goin' down!

' '