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Some time after completing The Homecoming Event, your real-estate agent, Sandra Kirkland, will call you.

Sandra will ask if you know what the ultimate status symbol is. Whatever your guess, you're wrong – it's an amusement park! She happens to know of an amusement park that's up for grabs in a terrific location: Seoul.

She asks you to meet her there to discuss the details. Travel to Seoul for Cash50 and meet with Sandra outside of the K-World Shopping Mall.

Sandra will take you inside K-World and show you where the amusement park was supposed to go right in the center of the mall. She asks you to imagine the attractions that could've been there: a ferris wheel, bumper cars, a roller coaster...

As you try to imagine, the scene around you will change to show all of the attractions that are available. When you talk to Sandra again, she'll tell you that you can purchase the amusement park for Star65. To purchase all of the rides, you need to spend an additional Star55 and Cash85,000.

Then, if you make all of the park guests happy, you can earn up to Star4 and Cash3,000 from the amusement park.

Whether you decide to purchase the amusement park or not, the goal will be completed.


Sandra Kirkland YourName, it's Sandra. Know the ultimate status symbol?
You Speech 1 A Burkenn bag?
Speech 2 Italian sportscar?
Sandra Kirkland 1 Hah, I'd need a second mortgage to get one. I'm talking about an amusement park!
You Speech Seriously?
Sandra Kirkland Absolutely. Any celeb can have a mansion or private jet. You'll be the only one with thrill rides. The location is terrific.
You Speech Oh yeah? Where?
Sandra Kirkland Seoul. Meet me outside K-World, and I'll fill you in on the details.
You Speech See you soon.

Sandra Kirkland YourName, thanks for coming.
You Speech No problem.
Sandra Kirkland You're familiar with K-World. What you might not know is there were big plans to build an amusement park inside. Let me show you where.
You Speech Lead the way.
Sandra Kirkland Here's where the amusement park was supposed to go, right in the center of the mall. Now try imagining a ferris wheel, bumper cars, a roller coaster...
You Speech (Imagine park.)
Sandra Kirkland Hopefully, you can see the potential for this place.
You Speech How much is it?
Sandra Kirkland The park is 65 k-stars, and it comes with a full-time park manager. You can add all of the rides for 55 k-stars and $85,000. If you make all of your park guests happy, you'll earn up to 4 k-stars and $3,000 per week!
You Speech 1 I'll buy it Star65
Speech 2 I'll think about it.
Sandra Kirkland 1 Congratulations, YourName, you now own an amusement park! Have fun!
You Speech Thanks, Sandra.

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Thrilling news out of Seoul! YourName just opened an amusement park at K-World!
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