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Villa Jardin is a business in Papagayo, Costa Rica, which unlocks when you reach Level 23.

The hotel is offered to you by Yazmin Torres, a good friend of your brand manager RT, and run by Yazmin. Once you purchase the hotel for Star5, and fully renovate it for Cash50,000 and Star85, you can earn money from it each week.

If you score a 5Stars on a 3-hour appearance in the lobby and a 3-hour pool party, you can earn Star3 and Cash2,000 per week.

As with homes, purchasing the hotel counts towards the Cribs achievement.


Listed in alphabetical order.

Villa Jardin Interior


Villa Jardin Exterior



Yazmin Torres YourName, Villa Jardin could use some publicity. Got time for a 3-hour appearance in the lobby and a 3-hour pool party? If you 5-star both, you'll get Star3 and Cash2,000.
You Speech 1 I'm in.
Speech 2 Not right now.
Yazmin Torres 1
2 Nice to have you pop by.
You Speech 1
Speech 2 Later, Yazmin.
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