Hi everyone! This month's Wiki updates include:

  1. Kustomize. All of the images, levels, prices and rewards of the Star (male players) section of the Kustomize section have now been added. The Starlet (female players) section is also almost complete, but images, levels, prices and rewards from the newest update of the game  are still missing. 
  2. Shop My Closet. This feature of the game, wherein you're able, as a female player, to purchase items for yourself, has been added to the Wiki, including rewards and prices in USD.
  3. Kollections. Female and male kollections have been added, but the six released in the newest update of the game are still missing.
  4. Redesign. The Wiki has been given a big overhaul! The main page has been given a sleeker update to match the new black and white banner you see upon the game launch.

Things that will be updated and added to in the month of April:

  1. Redesign. The navigation buttons on the main page will be updated to match the new design.
  2. Kustomize. The items of the newest update of the game, 8.5.0, will be added to the Starlet section, which will complete this section.
  3. Kollections. The six newest kollections from the newest update of the game, 8.5.0, will be added.
  4. Shop My Closet. All information for 2018 has been added, but the rest is still missing, and it will be added soon.
  5. Giftables. This page, which allows you to purchase items for players in your Contacts list, will be fully completed.
  6. Behind the scenes updates will continue, as per usual.

Any requests for pages that require faster updates can either be left in a comment below or in the Discussions section of the Wiki. Thank you!