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Tokyo House is a home that you can purchase in Tokyo, the last building to the right, for Cash40,000 or Star85. Tokyo House has two sections, the condo and UNKNOWN. There is also room for one pet. Additionally, if you buy the Tokyo home, you will also get a conversation piece for the trophy room in your Bel Air Estate.


  • None.

Tokyo Home InteriorEdit

  • None.


Living Room
Image Furniture Piece Cost Purchase Reward
ImageMissing Chair Cash500 GoldHeart
ImageMissing End Table Cash350 GoldStar
ImageMissing Couch Cash1,500 GoldHeart
ImageMissing Coffee Table Cash850 GoldStar
ImageMissing Wall Art Star10 GoldHeart
ImageMissing Akita Star40 GoldStar5
ImageMissing Low Table Star20 GoldStar
ImageMissing Potted Tree Star15 GoldHeart

Tokyo Home ExteriorEdit



Sandra Kirkland YourName, welcome! Please come in and have a look around. I'm sure everything will be to your liking!
You Speech I'll take a look.
Sandra Kirkland This wonderful home comes with plenty of space for a new lovely pet. What do you think?
You Speech 1 I'm interested.
Speech 2 It's not for me.
Sandra Kirkland 1 The market price $40,000.
2 Let me know if you change your mind, okay?
You Speech A (Purchase.) Cash40,000
Speech B (Purchase.) Star85
Speech C (Cancel.)
Sandra Kirkland A & B It's all yours! I'll leave and let you get settled in.
C Let me know if you change your mind, okay?
You Speech A & B & C Okay.

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YourName snatches up a luxurious new home in Tokyo!
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