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This goal arc was part of the VIP Weekend Event from September 1st until September 3rd, 2017.
It will not be available to play after that time.

You can wait 6 hours until Simon calls you about the event, or spend Star.png12 to begin the event immediately.

Travel to Ganzerveldt Hotel in Tribeca and talk to Ray Powers to begin the event.

During the press conference, you can either choose to forgive Jessica or trash her.

If you choose to trash her, Maria will call you after the press conference is over. She'll congratulate you for trashing Jessica and reward you Star.png2 and Cash.png400.

If you choose to forgive her, Jessica will call you after the press conference is over. She'll tell you that she's fired her manager and reward you Star.png3 and Cash.png500.

Available Actions[]

Time Limit: Time.png 6 Hours
Energy Needed: Energy.png84
5-Star Reward: Cash.png+500, XP.png+215, Star.png+1

Action Cost Reward Achievement
social drink Energy.png2 Cash.png+2, XP.png+2, BlueStar.png+2 Foodie
meet & greet Energy.png5 Cash.png+6, XP.png+4, BlueStar.png+5 -
chit chat Energy.png3 Cash.png+4, XP.png+3, BlueStar.png+4 -
mingle Energy.png4 Cash.png+3, XP.png+3, BlueStar.png+5 -
charm guests Energy.png6 Cash.png+7, XP.png+7, BlueStar.png+8 Vanity
new friends Energy.png3 Cash.png+3, XP.png+4, BlueStar.png+3 -
take the podium Energy.png1, Cash.png50 XP.png+1, BlueStar.png+3 -
have a drink Energy.png1 Cash.png+1, XP.png+1, BlueStar.png+1 -
raise awareness Energy.png4 Cash.png+3, XP.png+4, BlueStar.png+4 -
inform audience Energy.png2 Cash.png+2, XP.png+2, BlueStar.png+2 -
entertain Energy.png2 Cash.png+2, XP.png+2, BlueStar.png+2 Socialite
inspiring speech Energy.png8 Cash.png+7, XP.png+7, BlueStar.png+8 Spotlight


Ray Powers.png YourName! So great to see you!
You Speech.png Glad to be here.
Ray Powers.png It sure has been an eventful few days, hasn't it? For a model no one's ever heard of to suddenly air your dirty laundry... Well, suffice to say we're all waiting with baited breath: what have you got to say about your beef with Jessica Marks?
You Speech.png 1 (Trash her.)
Speech.png 2 (Forgive her.)
Ray Powers.png 1 Oh MY! Is that true? Unbelievable! How anyone could behave in such a way, I'll never understand. Jessica Marks, you should be ashamed of yourself!
2 Oh no, oh dear. A misguided young professional just trying to make it... I can see why she was tempted to use your fame to get ahead. Good for you, YourName! It would have been easy to come out here and pile dirt onto her. You've proven to us all that you're the bigger person! I hope young Jessica has learned her lesson.
You Speech.png 1 That's right!
Speech.png 2 Me too.

GanzerveldtHotelFeed.png Ganzerveldt @Ganzerveldt
We'll have pics posted of YourName from the Jessica Press Conference on (Date) at (Time).
RayPowersFeed.png Ray Powers @StarNews_Ray
If you missed YourName's appearance at the Jessica Press Conference, you really missed out!
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Maria Holmes.png Hey YourName! Great job at the press conference - you were ruthless! It's always nice to see someone get exactly what they deserve, isn't it?
You Speech.png 1 Totally.
Speech.png 2 I don't know...
Maria Holmes.png 1 That's what I like to hear! I mean, is her career now over? Probably. But she really did do it to herself!
2 Oh no - are you feeling guilty that Jessica's career is probably over? She did it to herself! If she hadn't made up such crazy lies you wouldn't have had to respond to them!
You Speech.png 1 That's true...
Speech.png 2 That's true.
Maria Holmes.png 1 & 2 Don't worry, YourName. It all worked out! Talk soon.
You Speech.png 1 & 2 Bye!

Jessica Marks.png YourName? It's me, Jessica.
You Speech.png Hey, what's up?
Jessica Marks.png I just wanted to say... it was really cool of you - what you did at that press conference? I know I didn't deserve your forgiveness, but... I'm really thankful you gave me another chance. I actually fired my manager, I'm going to look for one that doesn't make me lie - or do anything I'm not super comfortable with.
You Speech.png That's great!
Jessica Marks.png Yeah! I think this will be a really good thin for me. Thanks again, YourName. This all... well it really means a lot to me.
You Speech.png It was nothing.