• Hi, I’m undergoing some difficulties in uploading an image. I have a image of Bianca Barnes that I would like to upload, however I am just getting a message that says “Image Upload Error”. Can I send the photo to you instead?

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    • Hello! I tried uploading an image just now and things work fine on my end. Could you try:

      • Uploading the image as a response to this message by tapping the "Add Photo" button?
      • Uploading the image onto the Wiki when using the classic-rich editing mode? It's less glitchy than the standard VisualEditor. You can find out how to upload images using classic-rich mode here .

      If neither of those work, will you let me know?

      - Sarah

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    • Hey! Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, I tried both and neither worked. At first I though it was due to the image size but I even tried uploading your images. It didn’t work!

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    • Hmm, that sucks! Please file a bug report with Fandom:, so that they can help you out and ensure that the issue is fixed. I'm currently still able to upload images, but I'd hate for anyone else to run into the same issue on the Wiki.

      As a temporary fix, you can e-mail any images you want to upload to pandabeefay[@] and I'll add them to the Wiki for you.

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    • Great, thanks so much!

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    • A FANDOM user
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