After purchasing at least 1 item from the Wedding Collection for your character, it's time to begin planning your wedding!

Travel to Il Forte in Florence and talk to wedding planner Rupert Ambrose to get started.

Rupert will tell you that Florence has become quite popular as a wedding destination since Kim Kardashian's wedding, and tells you that he will be in touch once you've secured the venue.

After meeting with Rupert, you'll receive a call from your publicist, Maria Holmes, who tells you that Chad Dylan Parker and Crystal Fletcher are also planning on having their wedding at Il Forte.

Il Forte, therefore, has decided to offer the venue to the highest bidder.

In order to secure the place before your wedding, you will need to pay the deposit of Cash7,500 to Rupert Ambrose within 24 hours. This leads into the next goal, Power Play.


Rupert Ambrose Ah! YourName! It is my pleasure to meet someone as delightful as you. Your manager? Delightful.
You Speech 1 Hey... Energy10
Speech 2 (Come back later.)
Rupert Ambrose I have asked you to meet with me here, because I think this is THE perfect venue for your nuptials.
You Speech Delightful...
Rupert Ambrose Ever since Kim Kardashian West's wedding, Florence seems to be the IT place to get married. We have much to discuss, but I will be in touch with your publicist or manager once we've secured this venue.
You Speech Okay.

Maria Holmes Congratulations on the engagement, hun! I'm in SUCH a good mood that I'll ignore the fact that Ray at Starnews found out BEFORE I did. BUT we have a problem - I feel I say that a lot to you...
You Speech A problem?!
Maria Holmes It seems Ray is the source to go to for learning of engagements. Have you seen the news? Power couple Chad Dylan Parker and Crystal Fletcher, glamorously horrible people... ...are also getting married, and you'll never guess where they're planning on making it official.
You Speech Florence...
Maria Holmes Mhmm. And thanks to them, Il Forte, perhaps literally the only place to get married is now taking the highest bidder for the day in question.
You Speech Why does it matter?
Maria Holmes How could it NOT? As far as the media is concerned your wedding planning is well under way. The second it comes out that ANOTHER celebrity couple took precedence over you... Well, the tabloids will be ALL over that, and not in a good way for you.
You Speech Oh...
Maria Holmes So, I've spoken to the delightful Rupert Ambrose, and you can secure Il Forte for your wedding for $7,500 - just be thankful that isn't in Euros! But you'll need to get the money in 24 hours.
You Speech Okay.

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