Sometime after after you've reached level 9, Kim will call you about the Adoption Center at LAX. Kim frequently volunteers there, but is unable to make it to her shift. She asks you to cover her shift for her.

Travel to LAX and scroll to the left, past Championship Business Centers Inc., to the Love And Hope Adoption Center. Enter the building.

Once inside, you meet the staff: Maggie Swan, the head nurse; Tim Wells, the nurse in charge of male babies; and Jillian Perkins, the nurse in charge of female babies.

Talk to Maggie to begin your shift at the adoption center, which will unlock the next goal, Love and Hope.


Kim Kardashian Hi, YourName!
You Speech Hey, Kim!
Kim Kardashian Would you be available to help me out with something?
You Speech For sure.
Kim Kardashian There's this adoption center near LAX where I volunteer whenever I get the chance. Something came up, so I need someone to fill in for me. I know the people working at the adoption center work so hard, so I don't want to let them down and leave them short-handed... Could you cover my shift at the adoption center?
You Speech What do I do?
Kim Kardashian Just head down to LAX and walk past the Championship Business Centers Inc.
You Speech You got it, Kim!

Tim Wells Isn't he adorable?
You Speech Yes, he is!
Jillian Perkins Isn't she adorable?
You Speech Yes, she is!

Maggie Swan YourName! I just got off the phone with Kim. She called to let me know you were coming to fill in for her. My name is Maggie Swan, and I'm the head nurse here at the Love And Hope Adoption Center. It's wonderful to meet you, YourName!
You Speech Nice to meet you!
Maggie Swan Are you ready to start helping out?
You Speech Ready!

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