Now that you know that your agent, Simon Orsik has been down at the mouth because it's his birthday, your publicist, Maria Holmes and you have teamed up to celebrate him at the opening of Cassio's 10AX Club.

Wait 8 hours until Simon calls you about the event, or spend Star16 to begin the event immediately.

Travel to Florence for Cash80 and swipe right until you locate 10AX Club. Tap the gold glasses icon SocialBuildingIcon and select "The 10AX Opening" to enter the club.

Speak to Ray Powers on the red carpet to begin your appearance.

Maria, Simon and Cassio will be at the appearance.

As soon as you enter the club, Maria will say that Simon got to the party early, so you two immediately sing him happy birthday.

After congratulating Simon, the club's owner, Cassio, will talk to you. He will say that the grand opening has been a success and hopes you are enjoying the company.

If you choose to say that you do, Cassio will propose to spend the night with you, no strings attached. If you choose to keep things strictly professional, Cassio will thank you for the conversation and leave to talk to his staff.

Once the event has finished, you'll receive a call from Maria, who will tell you the birthday surprise went over very well and that Simon very quietly let slip that you're his favorite client of all time.

Available ActionsEdit

Time Limit: Time 8 Hours
Energy Needed: Energy100
Stars Needed: BlueStar115
5Stars 5-Star Reward: Cash+660, XP+200

Action Cost Reward Achievement
order a round Energy1, Cash50 XP+1, BlueStar2 Big Spender
mingle Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -
favorite songs Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -
industry talk Energy3 Cash+3, XP3, BlueStar+3 -
chit chat Energy4 Cash+4, XP+4, BlueStar+5 -
grab a bite Energy4 Cash+4, XP+4, BlueStar+5 Foodie
socialize Energy5 Cash+6, XP+4, BlueStar+6 Socialite
dazzle the crowd Energy8 Cash+6, XP+4, BlueStar+8 -
make friends Energy8 XP+10, BlueStar+10 -


Maria Holmes YourName, Simon got here early! He's been stumbling around the club looking like the frightened father of a teen with extremely questionable morals... But enough about his daughter, let's go sing him happy birthday!
You Speech (Sing for Simon.)
Simon Orsik What--? I thought you were... Wow. What a surprise - you two really got me! This is the sweetest thing anyone's done for me since... well, in a very long time!
You Speech Happy Birthday!
Simon Orsik Thank you so much for this, YourName. If I'd have known you two were planning this, I would have broken out my old disco outfit... JUST KIDDING!
You Speech 1 Oh Simon...
Speech 2 (Hug Simon.) +Cash}
Goals Cassio YourName, you look absolutely stunning tonight - I love what you're wearing. Thank you for coming... It would seem the grand opening of 10AX is a huge success!
You Speech Looks like!
Goals Cassio You're very sweet to throw your manager a surprise birthday party. You have a kind heart.
You Speech Thank you...
Goals Cassio I trust you are enjoying yourself? More importantly, I hope you're enjoying the company...
You Speech 1 (Friend zone.) +Cash, +XP
Speech 2 Maybe...+Cash, +XP
Speech 3 Yes, I am... +Cash, +XP
Goals Cassio 1 Oh, I understand. It's probably for the best to keep things professional between us. If you'll excuse me, I better go check in with the staff to make sure everything is going well.
2 & 3 I've been told I move fast, YourName. I like to live in the moment. Life is precious and fleeting. I see no reason to stall... When I want something, I go for it. I don't hesitate and let the moment pass, only to regret it later on... Regret is a terrible thing. I want to sneak away with you to my upstairs suite when no one is looking. I won't bite, I promise. Well, unless you ask...
You Speech 1 Good night, Cassio.

Speech 3A (Friend zone.)
Speech 3B Sounds fun...
Goals Cassio 3A Oh, I understand. It's probably for the best to keep things professional between us. If you'll excuse me, I better go check in with the staff to make sure everything is going well.
3B As long as you're okay with just having fun. Nothing serious, you know? To be honest, I just don't have the time for a relationship.
You Speech 3A Good night, Cassio.
Speech 3B-1 Never mind, then.
Speech 3B-2 (Flirt.)
Goals Cassio 3B-1 Oh, I understand. It's probably for the best to keep things professional between us. If you'll excuse me, I better go check in with the staff to make sure everything is going well.
3B-2 I like the way you think, YourName. I'll have one of our finest bottles delivered to your friends and we can disappear for a while...
You Speech 3B-1 Good night, Cassio.
Speech 3B-2 (Smile.)

10AXFeed The 10AX @The10_Club
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10AXFeed The 10AX @The10_Club
@YourName celebrated @SimonOrsik's B-Day in style at the 10AX grand opening!
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Maria Holmes Looks like Simon's all cheered up and back to his adorably clueless self...
You Speech Glad to hear it.
Maria Holmes Simon's had a lot of clients over the years, but last night he let slip that you are by far his favorite. That man really cares about you... Try to keep that in mind when he calls you for the bazillionth time every day.
You Speech I will...
Maria Holmes Now if you'll excuse me, my feet are killing me and my buzz is wearing off... it's time to relax. I'm going to find a comfortable place to collapse and await the inevitable hangover! Ugh, I'm never drinking again...
You Speech Feel better, Maria.

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