Kim Kardashian: "Your Name! This is so delicious. I can't believe you made all the food here! You're full of hidden talents!"

Speech Thank you so much!

Kim: "I'm so happy I got to celebrate Thanksgiving with you in your beautiful new home. Thanks for inviting me!"

Speech Of course, Kim.

Kim: "Ray's Thanksgiving segment is going to be amazing. Vernon is going to want to have a nice, cozy party just like this! Happy Thanksgiving, Your Name!"

Speech Happy Thanksgiving!


Your Partner: "Your Name! You put all this together?"

Speech I did!

Your Partner: "Amazing! I wish you had told me, I should have helped you out!"

Speech It's okay!

Your Partner: "What did I ever do to deserve you, huh? I'm so happy we can spend Thanksgiving as a family."

Speech Me too.

Your Partner: "I love you, Your Name! Happy Thanksgiving!"

Speech Happy Thanksgiving!


Ray Powers: "Have you talked to everyone at the party? Should we start filming the segment?"

Speech Not yet.

Speech Yes, let's film!

If you choose Not yet.

Missing info

If you choose Yes, let's film!

Ray: "Perfect! Alright, ahem. Ahem. Good evening and welcome to Starnes! I hope you're having a lovely Thanksgiving, surrounded by good food and good people! I know I certainly am. I'm here with Your Name for her/his Perfect Party!"

Speech Thanks for coming, Ray.

Ray: "My pleasure of course! This lovely party really has it all- in fact... Why Your Name, is it true you did all the cooking yourself tonight?"

Speech It is!

Ray: "Amazing! Nothing says homey and heartfelt like food made with love! I can't wait to dig in. Now Ava, tell us: what's your favorite part of the holidays?"

SpeechThe company.

Speech The food.

Speech Not super into it...

If you choose The company.

Kim: "Ah, beautiful. I couldn't agree more. I feel truly honored to be invited into your beautiful home, joining you for this event."

Speech I'm glad you're here!

Ray: "Would you say you're... thankful? Ha! Hilarious! I'm hilarious."

Speech Sure...

Ray:" Well, I have to say. This party is an absolute joy. If you want to throw a perfect Thanksgiving bash this year, I'd suggest using all of Your Name's party tips and tricks! Thanks again for watching, and be on the lookout for our next Perfect Party segment!"

Speech Thank you everyone!

Ray: "Nom thank YOU, Your Name! Happy Thanksgiving!"

If you choose The food.

Missing info

If you choose Not super into it...

Missing info

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