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⤿ REASON: Rio tappables are missing

By tapping certain objects, you will gain bonus Cash.pngCash, XP.pngXP, and Energy.pngEnergy. Tap on the rewards from these objects before they vanish to shorten energy regeneration time. One reward cuts 5 seconds. Each tappable can produce a reward up to once every 3 minutes

During or around certain holidays in the game, some tappables in Downtown LA change appearance. You can find an overview of these tappables on the Seasonal Tappables page.

Listed below are all the tappable objects in the game, sorted per location.

North America[]


Downtown LA[]

Image Object Name Location
DowntownLA Pigeon.png Pigeon DuLUXE Lifestyle Apartments
DowntownLA Newstand.png Green Newspaper Stand DuLUXE Lifestyle Apartments
DowntownLA Bike.png Bicycle So Chic Boutique

Beverly Hills[]

Image Object Name Location
BeverlyHills FireHydrant.png Fire Hydrant Metropolitan Magazine
BeverlyHills CoffeeSign.png Coffee Sign Panino
BeverlyHills PottedTree.png Potted Tree Kim's Mansion
BeverlyHills ChampagneBottle.png Champagne Bottle Panino


Image Object Name Location
BeverlyHills PottedTree.png Potted Tree Luna Condos
Hollywood OpenSign.png Open Sign The Brew Palms
BeverlyHills FireHydrant.png Fire Hydrant Mirimount Pictures
SoHo Bottle.png Beer Bottle The Brew Palms


Image Object Name Location
LAX Suitcase.png Blue Suitcase Gate 4
LAX Suitcase.png Blue Suitcase Gate 4
DowntownLA Newstand.png Green Newspaper Stand The West Inn Apartments
DowntownLA Pigeon.png Pigeon Championship Business Centers Inc.


Image Object Name Location
Malibu PottedPlant.png Potted Plant Tavrn Restaurant
Malibu Surfboard.png Surfboard Kendall and Kylie's Home
Malibu Jetski.png Jet Ski Malibu Home

Santa Monica[]

Image Object Name Location
Sandcastle Santa Monica
Gumball Machine Santa Monica
Buoy Santa Monica Ferris Wheel


Image Object Name Location
Calabasas HangingBaskets.png Hanging Baskets Calabasas
Calabasas FlowerBox.png Flower Box Calabasas
Calabasas HangingBaskets.png Hanging Baskets Calabasas Mansion
Miami Mannequin.png Mannequin Kardash Calabasas

San Diego[]

Image Object Name Location
SanDiego Pelican.png Pelican San Diego
SanDiego PottedPlant.png Plant San Diego
SanDiego Fountain.png Fountain Joseph's Cove

Santa Barbara[]

Image Object Name Location
SantaBarbara Mailbox.png Mailbox Santa Barbara
SantaBarbara Tree.png Bush Santa Barbara Home

Outside of California[]

Big Sur[]

There are no tappables in Big Sur.


Image Object Name Location
Havana Bicycle.png Bicycle Havana
Havana PinkCar.png Pink Car Havana
Havana Crab.png Crab Havana

JFK - New York[]

Image Object Name Location
LAX Suitcase.png Blue Suitcase JFK - New York


Image Object Name Location
Brooklyn Mailbox.png Blue Mailbox Raven Building
Brooklyn SalonSign.png Hairsalon Sign Brooklyn Hair Salon
Brooklyn Bike.png Bicycle Brooklyn Home


Image Object Name Location
SoHo Skateboard.png Skateboard Oak
BeverlyHills FireHydrant.png Fire Hydrant Muse Magazine
Miami Mannequin.png Mannequin Kardash New York
SoHo Bottle.png Beer Bottle Oak
DowntownLA Newstand.png Green Newspaper Stand Muse Magazine

The Hamptons[]

Image Object Name Location
BeverlyHills FireHydrant.png Fire Hydrant So Chic Hamptons
DowntownLA Bike.png Bicycle Kourtney's Home
TheHamptons Surfboards.png Surfboards Hamptons Beach Home
TheHamptons Plushie.png Plushie Kourtney's Home
TheHamptons Punch.png Lemonade The Swan Royal Country Club


Image Object Name Location
DowntownLA Pigeon.png Pigeon Tribeca
BeverlyHills FireHydrant.png Fire Hydrant Tribeca
DowntownLA Newstand.png Green Newspaper Stand Tribeca

Las Vegas[]

Image Object Name Location
LasVegas Newstand.png Red Newspaper Stand Chateau Nuit
LasVegas AdvertisingSign.png Advertising Sign Miraggio Grande
BeverlyHills FireHydrant.png Fire Hydrant GLAMM Magazine
LasVegas WineBottle.png Wine Bottle Miraggio Grande
Miami Bottle.png Bottle Chateau Nuit


Image Object Name Location
Miami Seagull.png Seagull LIF
Miami Scooter.png Scooter Kardash Miami
BeverlyHills FireHydrant.png Fire Hydrant Miami Beach Home
Miami Mannequin.png Mannequin Kardash Miami
Miami Bottle.png Bottle LIF


Image Object Name Location
Montana Snowplow.png Snow Plow River Ranch Restaurant
Montana Skis.png Skis Montana
Montana Eagle.png Bald Eagle Montana Lodge

Napa Valley[]

There are no tappables in Napa Valley.

New Jersey[]

Image Object Name Location
Miami Seagull.png Seagull New Jersey
BeverlyHills FireHydrant.png Fire Hydrant The Atlantic
NewJersey Cooler.png Cooler New Jersey Beach

New Orleans[]

Image Object Name Location
NewOrleans Lamppost.png Lamppost New Orleans
NewOrleans Trumpet.png Trombone New Orleans
NewOrleans FireHydrant.png Fire Hydrant New Orleans


Image Object Name Location
Papagayo Bird.png Bird Papagayo
Papagayo PalmTree.png Palm Tree Villa Jardin
Papagayo Table.png Table PopGlam Papagayo

Punta Mita[]

Image Object Name Location
Miami Seagull.png Seagull Punta Mita
PuntaMita DrinksTable.png Drinks Table Punta Mita

San Francisco[]

Image Object Name Location
SanFrancisco Trolley.png Trolley San Francisco
DowntownLA Bike.png Bicycle Unity
Miami Seagull.png Seagull San Francisco

St. Barts[]

Image Object Name Location
StBarts Plane.png Aeroplane St. Barts
StBarts Plant.png Plant St. Barts


Image Object Name Location
Toronto CandianGoose.png Canadian Goose Toronto
Toronto Flag.png Flag Revolution Sushi Bar
Toronto FireHydrant.png Fire Hydrant Toronto


Image Object Name Location
Vail Skis.png Skis Vail Ski Resort
Vail Tree.png Tree Vail
Vail Bench.png Bench Vail


There are no tappables in Waikiki.



Image Object Name Location
Cannes Poster.png Poster Cannes Home
Cannes Bird.png Bird Cannes


Image Object Name Location
Dublin SullivanStand.png Stand Sullivan Brewery and Gastropub
Dublin Bicycle.png Bicycle Sullivan Brewery and Gastropub
Dublin LampPost.png Lamp Post PopGlam Dublin


Image Object Name Location
Florence Statue.png Statue 10AX Club
Florence Cars.png Cars Il Forte


Image Object Name Location
Lisbon Tree.png Tree Lisbon
Lisbon Bicycle.png Bicycle Lisbon


Image Object Name Location
DowntownLA Pigeon.png Pigeon London
London Phonebooth.png Phonebooth So Chic London
London Mallets.png Mallets London Flat


Image Object Name Location
Milan PottedPlant.png Potted Plant Eleganza
Milan Bicycle.png Bicycle Eleganza
Milan Lamppost.png Lamp Post Club Donatella


Image Object Name Location
Monaco PinkCar.png Pink Car Monaco
Monaco SpeedBoat.png Speed Boat Monaco Home


Image Object Name Location
Mykonos Vase.png Vase Theia Fashion Magazine
Mykonos Shop.png Shop Mykonos
Mykonos Bird.png Bird Mykonos


Image Object Name Location
Paris Camera.png Camera La Rue
Paris Motorcycle.png Motorcycle La Rue
BeverlyHills PottedTree.png Potted Tree Femme


Image Object Name Location
Prague Chariot.png Chariot Prague
Prague FireHydrant.png Fire Hydrant Prague


Image Object Name Location
Reykjavic Bench.png Bench PopGlam Reykjavik
Reykjavic Pinetree.png Pine Tree PopGlam Reykjavik
Reykjavic Puffin.png Puffin Blue Mist Spa


Image Object Name Location
Rome Car.png Car Teatro dell'Opera
Rome Statue.png Statue Tendenza
DowntownLA Pigeon.png Pigeon Rome

St. Moritz[]

Image Object Name Location
StMoritz Sign.png Sign The Alpine
StMoritz Bench.png Bench St. Moritz


Image Object Name Location
Venice Lamppost.png Lamppost Venice
Venice Masks.png Masks Romantic Gondola Rides
Venice LionStatue.png Winged Lion Statue Venice


Image Object Name Location
Vienna Plants.png Plants Café Hofburg
Vienna Violin.png Violin Die Königliche
Vienna Statue.png Statue Vienna Home


Cape Town[]

Image Object Name Location
CapeTown Tree.png Tree Cape Town Home
CapeTown Hyrax.png Hyrax PopGlam Cape Town



Image Object Name Location
Miami Seagull.png Seagull Sydney
Sydney KangarooSign.png Kangaroo Crossing Sign PopGlam Australia

South America[]

Maipo Valley[]

Image Object Name Location
MaipoValley Windmills.png Windmills Maipo Valley
MaipoValley WineBarrel.png Wine Barrel Casa de Vidrio
MaipValley Horse.png Horse Maipo Valley


Abu Dhabi[]

Image Object Name Location
AbuDhabi Fountain.png Fountain Abu Dhabi
AbuDhabi BlackCar.png Black Car Club Epik
AbuDhabi Boat.png Boat Abu Dhabi

Bora Bora[]

Image Object Name Location
BoraBora Bird.png Bird Bora Bora
BoraBora Crab.png Crab Bora Bora
BoraBora Coconuts.png Coconuts Bora Bora


Image Object Name Location
Malibu PottedPlant.png Potted Plant Dubai
Dubai Camel.png Camel Mall of Dubai

New Delhi[]

Image Object Name Location
NewDelhi CowStatue.png Cow Statue Raja Motion Pictures
NewDelhi Taxi.png Taxi New Delhi
NewDelhi Monkey.png Monkey New Delhi


Image Object Name Location
Seoul BlackCar.png Black Car Seoul
Seoul Tree.png Tree Seoul
Seoul Bench.png Bench K-World Shopping Mall


Image Object Name Location
Tokyo Umbrella.png Umbrella Tokyo
Tokyo Lantern.png Lantern Tokyo
Tokyo BonsaiTree.png Bonsai Tree Tokyo