This goal is part of the VIP Weekend Event from March 23, 2018 until March 25, 2018.
It will not be available to play after that time.

You'll receive a call from your publicist, Maria Holmes, to inform you that Muse Magazine is putting out an issue with their modern style icons.

Maria believes you to be the perfect fit, but you'll need to convince the magazine to consider you by raising your profile.

To this end, Maria has booked you on the Ray Powers show, so that you can profile yourself as a style icon.

Wait 6 hours until Simon calls you about the event, or spend Star12 to begin filming immediately.

Travel to Mirimount Pictures in Hollywood and talk to Ray Powers to begin the event.

During the interview, Ray will ask you three questions about your style, including why you think people copy your style, and which trends you think are coming up.

After your appearance on the show, Maria will give you another call. She'll say you've done very well and that, to further improve your fashion profile, she's booked you on a fashion show.

This will unlock the next goal in the arc, Iconique.

Available ActionsEdit

Time Limit: Time 6 hours
Energy Needed: Energy92
Stars Needed: BlueStar105
5-Star Reward: Cash+500, XP+215, Star+1

Action Cost Reward Achievement
gracious guest Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -
chat with producer Energy3 Cash+4, XP+3, BlueStar+3 -
joke with audience Energy6 Cash+6, XP+5, BlueStar+9, Energy+1 Spotlight
small talk between segments Energy4 Cash+3, XP+4, BlueStar+3 -
wave to audience Energy1 Cash+1, XP+1, BlueStar+1 -
mug for camera Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -
banter Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -
best side to camera Energy3 Cash+3, XP+3, BlueStar+3 -
tell a joke Energy3 Cash+3, XP+3, BlueStar+3, Energy+1 -
amusing anecdote Energy4 Cash+4, XP+4, BlueStar+4 -
witty reply Energy5 Cash+5, XP+4, BlueStar+6 Spotlight
make a grand exit Energy5 Cash+7, XP+4, BlueStar+6 Spotlight


Maria Holmes YourName, guess what?
You Speech What?
Maria Holmes Muse Magazine is putting out an issue with their list of modern style icons and...
You Speech Yes?
Maria Holmes Well, I think you'd be a perfect fit!
You Speech Wow!
Maria Holmes Now, it's not a done deal yet but I've talked to the editor and she's considering you. Now it's our job to convince her you'd be the perfect fit.
You Speech How?
Maria Holmes We need to up your profile. I've got you booked on the Ray Powers show. Get out there and try to tell a story that will position you as a style icon.
You Speech That easy, hey?
Maria Holmes You got it!
You Speech Okay.

Ray Powers YourName, thanks for joining us today.
You Speech My pleasure.
Ray Powers So, I understand you've become something of a style... influencer.
You Speech 1 People want to look like me.
Speech 2 I just dress how I like.
Ray Powers And do you ever get sick of people copying your look?
You Speech A A little.
Speech B Never!
Ray Powers A & B Hmm. Interesting. So? Can you give us a hint as to what's coming up on the style horizon?
You Speech Neon colors!
Speech Classic lines!
Ray Powers & Good to know! Now our viewers can be as stylish as you...almost!
You Speech Thanks Ray! Cash+50

Maria Holmes Great job with Ray, YourName. And I happen to know Muse's editor thought so too, I saw her tweet about it.
You Speech Amazing!
Maria Holmes So, next up in our campaign to get you on the icon list, I've booked ou on the Walk To Save fashion show. It's a charity fashion show where celebrities walk in their own clothes to raise money for a good cause.
You Speech Sounds cool!
Maria Holmes It is. And it'll give you another chance to show the world just how iconic you are.
You Speech Okay.
Maria Holmes Show the world the true style icon you are.
You Speech On it.

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The Ray Powers Show will debut on (Date) at (Time). See how the critics react!
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YourName was fantastic in The Ray Powers Show! Be sure to check it out!
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