Your publicist, Maria Holmes, suggests you apply for the job of buyer for Kim Kardashian's store, Kardash, in Miami.

Travel to LAX for Cash8 and enter Gate 4. Tap on the airplane button at the end and fly to Miami for Cash15.

Enter Kardash Miami and speak to Kim. She's happy to give you the job, but you'll have to do a short shift for an hour. This will unlock the next goal, Up The Ladder.


Kim Kardashian Hey, YourName! I honestly didn't believe Maria when she said you were flying out here! That's crazy, but I'm glad you came. So... you really want the job?
You Speech I do!
Kim Kardashian Well, I don't think anyone else flew from coast to coast for this job. Hm... I will have to get a reference from your last job - kidding! Welcome to Kardash. I know you'll do a great job.
You Speech Thanks.
Kim Kardashian Great! Okay, I'll show you the ropes around here first...
You Speech Okay.
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