After fixing up the seating area, the next step in the renovation of the dilapidated Villa Jardin is to convert the landing.

To remove the telephone rooms and convert the landing, you'll have to pay Yazmin Cash2,000 and spend Energy3 to complete the "convert landing" action.

After completing the action, and collecting the reward from the goal, the screen will turn black and then refresh, revealing the renovated landing in the lobby of the hotel.

The dialogue for the next goal, Raising the Bar, will also be revealed, but you won't start the goal until you pay Cash7,500 for the bar renovation.

Available ActionsEdit

Action Cost Rewards
convert landing Energy3 Cash+3, XP+3


Yazmin Torres YourName, the seating area looks beautiful! There are telephone rooms on the landing of the stairs. Guests obviously don't need those anymore. Let's convert the landing to something useful.
You Speech 1 Sounds good. Cash2,000
Speech 2 (Come back later.)
Yazmin Torres It's looking good.
You Speech A Thanks.
Speech B Tell me about RT.
Yazmin Torres A End of dialogue.
B One time RT got hired to market tap water to Monstrobull guzzling teenage guys. His "brilliant" idea: re-brand water to H 2 Bro.
You Speech B (Facepalm.)

Yazmin Torres Turning the telephone rooms into a reception area is a brilliant idea! Know what this lobby needs? A bar.
You Speech 1 Agreed. Cash7,500
Speech 2 (Come back later.)

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