After showing your new head shots to your new manager, Simon Orsik, he'll tell you that he's already found you a job.

However, you'll have to wait a little bit to see what it turns out to be (unlocking the goal Wait and See...), so it's recommended to finish this arc first.

To leave Simon's office, tap the red exit icon Exit on the door.

As soon as you're out on the street, you'll get a call from Kim Kardashian.

She heard about Simon signing you and wants to take you out to lunch to celebrate. She invites you to meet her at her home in Beverly Hills and she'll take you out.

This will complete the goal, and unlock the next goal, Home and Hearth.


Kim Kardashian Hey! I heard the good news about Simon signing you. You'll like working with him. We worked together in the past and it was great.
You Speech Thanks!
Kim Kardashian I can take you out for lunch to celebrate. Why don't you drop by my place first, and then we can go to Panino in Beverly Hills?
You Speech Sounds good!


This section describes content that has been replaced or removed from the game.
This information is kept here for historical purposes.

  • When update 9.2 was released for the game, the name of this goal was changed from Starting Out to Starting Out!!
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