StarStyle Fitness Center, also known as the StarStyle Gym or simply the Gym, is a business located in Downtown LA, which unlocks when you reach level 17 in the game.

The gym is offered to you by Monica Holmes, the sister of your publicist, Maria Holmes, who will co-own with and run the gym for you.

If you purchase the gym for Star50, you can tap the blue dumbbell icon StarStyleGymIcon above the pieces of equipment you own once per hour to collect blue dumbbells GymDumbbells.

After you've collected 20 blue dumbbells GymDumbbells, you'll earn Energy5.

The gym comes with one free piece of equipment — a threadmill — but you can purchase four additional pieces of furniture to help you earn blue dumbbells faster.



Image Furniture Piece Cost Purchase Reward
StarStyleGymWeights Weights Star60 GoldStar2
StarStyleGymSeatingArea Seating Area Star45 GoldStar2
StarStyleGymDumbbells Dumbbells Star85 GoldStar2
StarStyleGymThreadmill Threadmill Free None
StarStyleGymExerciseBall Exercise Ball Star30 GoldStar2
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