The St. Moritz Ski Resort is a business in St. Moritz, Switzerland, which unlocks when you reach level 10.

The ski resort is offered to you by real-estate agent Sandra Kirkland, and it is run by resort manager Liam Davis. If you purchase the resort for Star10, and further upgrade it for Star90 and Cash27,000, you'll be able to start making a profit.

You'll earn Star2 and Cash1,500, but, if you make the right decisions about customer service, facilities and branding, this reward is increased to Star5 and Cash7,500.

As with homes, purchasing the resort counts towards the Cribs achievement.


St. Moritz Ski Resort InteriorEdit

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Image Furniture Piece Cost Purchase Reward
StMoritzSkiResortOpenSkiLift Open Ski Lifts Cash15,000 GoldHeart8
StMoritzSkiResortGlassSkiLift Glass Ski Lifts Star50 GoldStar8
StMoritzSkiResortSlope Slope Star40 GoldStar8
StMoritzSkiSeating Seating Cash12,000 GoldHeart8


  • After buying the ski resort for Star10 k-stars, you'll need to invest a further Star90 k-stars and Cash27,000 cash to fully furnish the resort before you can start making a profit.
  • Once you've purchased all of the furniture for the resort, the ski resort manager, Liam Davis, will call every two (2) days with a question and/or a request regarding the branding, customer service or facilities of the ski resort. If you answer the question correctly and/or successfully deal with the request, the rating for that aspect of your ski resort will go up.
  • The rating for the branding, customer service and facilities of your ski resort start at average. Every time a question and/or request is successfully dealt with, the rating goes up one rank. Every time you make a bad decision, the rating is negatively affected, and drops a rank. The ranks are as follows:
    • Rank 1: Average
    • Rank 2: Above average
    • Rank 3: Good
    • Rank 4: Very good
    • Rank 5: Excellent
    • Rank 6: World class
  • At the end of each week, the ski resort manager, Liam Davis, will call you to tell you how your decisions affected your resort and will pay you accordingly.
  • The standard payout of the ski resort is Star2 k-stars and Cash1,500 cash per week.
  • If you increase the rating of all of the aspects of your ski resort to world class, this payout will increase to its maximum of Star5 k-stars and Cash7,500 cash per week.
    • If you answer all the questions and requests correctly, you should be able to earn the maximum payout of the resort within five (5) weeks of fully furnishing it.


Type Question Answer
Branding "Our snowboarding instructors want to take the money for the ad and instead use it to shoot a snowboarding video they'll post on social media. What do you want to do?" Snowboarding video.
Customer Service "Frankly, the whole situation is rather bizarre. What would you like to do?" Choose "I'll take care of it" and complete the Unwanted Guest goal.
Customer Service "Making an appearance could really inspire our staff to go above and beyond." Choose "Sure, I'll come." and complete the Resort Event! goal.
Customer Service "They sincerely apologized, and I've rescheduled the lessons. Anything else you'd? Pay for guests' dinners.
Facilities "I have a friend who could get Maestro Sly to keep our guests entertained. What do you think?" Run snow making machines.
Facilities "The snow boarders are complaining about the skiers being... old. What would you like me to do?" Expand the snowboard park.
Facilities "Some of our long-time guests, however, absolutely love that run. What do you want to do?" Keep it open.

St. Moritz Ski Resort ExteriorEdit



Liam Davis YourName, my name is Liam, and I will be the manager of your ski resort. We have an important matter to take care of.
You Speech What's that?
Liam Davis Building the best ski resort the rich and famous have ever seen. Once you've installed everything, please come and speak with me.
You Speech Got it, thanks.
Liam Davis Wow, you ARE a visionary! You've already attracted guests, but now it's time to make your ski resort truly world class.
You Speech How?
Liam Davis I will start calling you, and asking your opinion on how to run things. Make the right decisions, and you'll increase the customer service, facilities and branding here, from average to above average to good to very good to excellent and finally world class!
You Speech Got it.
Liam Davis Make poor decisions, though, and your customer service, facilities and branding can go down. That said, I have the utmost faith in your abilities. I'll be in touch soon with your first decision.
You Speech Okay, thanks.

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