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So Chic San Diego is a business located in San Diego, California, which unlocks when you reach level 20 in the game. It is a branch of the So Chic Boutique in Downtown LA.

The shop is offered to you by real-estate agent Sandra Kirkland, and it is run by shop manager Mia Hawthorne, who also runs So Chic London

If you purchase the shop for Star25, you'll earn Cash500 and Star1 per week. If you purchase all of the available furniture for Star25 and Cash38,500, this reward is increased to Star2 and Cash1,000.

As with homes, purchasing the park counts towards the Cribs achievement.



Image Furniture Piece Cost Purchase Reward
SoChicSanDiegoTable Table Star10 GoldStar3
SoChicSanDiegoRacks Clothing Racks Cash8,500 GoldStar1
SoChicSanDiegoDollDisplay Doll Display Star15 GoldStar3
SoChicSanDiegoSeatingArea Seating Area Cash30,000 GoldStar

So Chic San Diego ExteriorEdit


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