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Silvio Carbone is the landlord of the DuLUXE Lifestyle Apartments in Downtown LA.

You first encounter him sometime after reaching Level 4 in the game, when he will appear in your apartment.

He'll tell you that he's there to fix the pipes, but he also points out that you still owe him Cash750 in rent.

You can choose to pay him immediately, at which time he'll disappear, or you can ask to have one day (unlocking the Rent Money goal) or a week (unlocking the Rented Time goal) to pay your rent.

If you asked to have one more day or one more week to pay your rent, you can meet Silvio outside of So Chic Boutique to pay your rent.

If you don't pay him within the chosen time limit, he will change the locks on your apartment, and you can't enter the building until you pay him.

Later during the game, he also turns out to be the owner of So Chic Hamptons, which you can buy from him.



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