Show Your Style are limited-time events that run bi-weekly within the game. During Show Your Style events, players can earn Diamondsdiamonds, Stark-stars, Energyenergy, clothing dyes, and exclusive clothing items.

Show Your Style events change every year. For events outside the current year, visit its archived page: Show Your Style 2019.

March 2020Edit

Floral Fashion: February 27 - March 1, 2020
Kalinda: "Warmer weather is around the corner. The theme for the Feb. 27 - March 1 Show Your Style event is Floral Fashion. It's up to you if you want to spring for a dainty or bold print. Have fun styling fresh new looks with flowers!"
Points 50 100 150 225
Regular Prizes Diamonds1 Kustomize-dye-rubyred+3 Star+2 Starlet-showyourstyle-2020-09
300 375 450 455
Diamonds2 Kustomize-dye-peridotgreen+3 Star+3 Starlet-showyourstyle-2020-10
Trendsetters Starlet-showyourstyle-2020-11 Starlet-showyourstyle-2020-12 Kustomize-dye-crystalopal+5 Star15 Energy5

January 2020Edit

Ravishing in Red: January 9 - January 12, 2020
Kalinda: ""
Points 50 100 150 225
Regular Prizes Diamonds1 Kustomize-dye-rubyred+3 Star+2 Starlet-showyourstyle-2020-05
300 375 450 455
Diamonds2 Kustomize-dye-smokeyblack+3 Star+3 Starlet-showyourstyle-2020-06
Trendsetters Starlet-showyourstyle-2020-07 Starlet-showyourstyle-2020-08 Kustomize-dye-champagne+5 Star15 Energy5
Morning Workout: January 2 - January 5, 2020
Kalinda: "Get ready to hit the gym. The theme for the Jan. 2 - 5 Show Your Style event is Morning Workout. Wear your nicest athleisure, such as t-shirts, shorts and sneakers. Remember to stay hydrated!"
Points 50 100 150 225
Regular Prizes Diamonds1 Kustomize-dye-iceblue+3 Star+2 Starlet-showyourstyle-2020-01
300 375 450 455
Diamonds2 Kustomize-dye-champagne+3 Star+3 Starlet-showyourstyle-2020-02
Trendsetters Starlet-showyourstyle-2020-03 Starlet-showyourstyle-2020-04 Kustomize-dye-sunsetorange+5 Star15 Energy5
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