Sometime after reaching level 20 in the game, you'll receive a call from Kim Kardashian, who wants to take you shopping — in Toronto, which you've just unlocked as a new location!

Travel to Toronto for Cash80 and swipe left. You'll find Kim standing beside the Revolution Sushi Bar. Tap the yellow speech bubble next to her to begin the goal.

Kim will take you into the shopping district of downtown Toronto, and ask your opinion when shopping for herself and for you. She won't respond to your reactions, except when she's trying to find a dress for a red carpet event.

When the shopping session is over, you'll reconvene on the streets of Toronto. Kim points out the abandoned Chevier Toronto building and invite you to join her for the official opening party for the Revolution Sushi Bar.

You instantly accept, and unlock the next goal, Revolution Launch Party.


Kim Kardashian Hey bestie! Feel like shopping?
You Speech Always!
Kim Kardashian Great! Can you meet me in Toronto?
You Speech Did you say Toronto?
Kim Kardashian Yes! It's one of my favorite places to find new styles.
You Speech Okay, I'm in.
Kim Kardashian See you there. I can't wait!
You Speech Bye, Kim.

Kim Kardashian YourName! I love your outfit!
You Speech I like yours, too!
Kim Kardashian Thanks! So there's this place in downtown Toronto with all these amazing shops. Want to go there?
You Speech Lead the way!
Kim Kardashian What do you think of this dress? For red carpet events?
You Speech 1 It's gorgeous!
Speech 2 Not feeling it.
Kim Kardashian 1 Okay, I think I'll get it. Thanks.
2 Okay, let me try on something else.
You Speech 1 Anytime.
Speech 2 (Nod.)
Kim Kardashian YourName, these shoes would be perfect with your new outfit.
You Speech I'll try 'em on.
Kim Kardashian For vacationing in St. Barts?
You Speech 3 (Thumbs up.)
Speech 4 (Thumbs down.)
Kim Kardashian Snack break!
You Speech 5 (Smile.)
Speech 6 Woohoo!
Kim Kardashian YourName, you have to try this on. You'd slay in it!
You Speech 7 Okay.
Speech 8 No thanks.
Kim Kardashian Wow, that was so fun! We definitely have to do it again.
You Speech For sure!
Kim Kardashian Hey, I didn't know there was a Chevier in Toronto. It looks like it's been closed for a while. It's empty. Did you know about this place?
You Speech Nope.
Kim Kardashian It's got a really good location. So, hey, I've got an appearance in Toronto for the opening of a restaurant. Want to join me?
You Speech Sure.
Kim Kardashian Great! The place is called Revolution. I'll see you there!
You Speech Sounds good. Bye, Kim.

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