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You must "accidentally" run into Victor Morcello, the director of Dark Streets, and mention the possibility of a sequel to him.

Dialogue: Edit

Victor Morcello: "Good to see you, Your Name. I guess you're working on another lot? Once again, I'm really sorry things didn't work our for us on Disaster Confessions..."

Speech That's okay... Energy6

Speech (Bitter rant.) Energy6

If you choose (Bitter rant.)

If you choose That's okay...

Victor: "So.. what's new? Anything going on in particular?"

Speech Dark Streets...

Speech Your film's budget

If you choose Your film's budget

If you choose Dark Streets...

Victor: "That old film! Yeah, what about it?"

Speech Sequel?

Victor: "Between you, me, and the production assistant.. I'd LOVE to do another Dark Streets. In fact, I wrote an updated sequel about five year ago..."

Speech What happened?

Victor: "Brandon Marlo. Any sequel wouldn't work without him, but he's become sort if a weird, reclusive loner. He doesn't act anymore- just gives acting lessons. Oh! No, no! Would you lookout that... they brought in the wrong kind of tiger. Look, I gotta go deal with this, Your Name, but I'll see you around. Good seeing you again."

Speech Hm...

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