After travelling to Brooklyn and talking to Sandra Kirkland, your real estate agent, out on the street, you're now standing in the Brooklyn Hair Salon.

When you tap the yellow speech bubble next to Sandra's head, she will explain the ins and outs of owning the salon. If you purchase the salon, you can earn 2 k-stars and $1,250, by making 5 customers happy.

If you purchase all of the upgrades for the salon, the number of customers will be doubled to 10, and you can earn 3 k-stars and $2,250 if you make all of them happy.

The person who will run the salon for you is Jayde Jones, whom Sandra has already contacted and who is willing to work for you.

You can purchase the hair salon for Star85. Whether you decide to purchase the salon or not, the goal will be completed.


Sandra Kirkland With this salon, you get tons of customization options, so you can really make this place your own. As you can see, this location gets a lot of foot traffic.
You Speech How do I earn k-stars?
Sandra Kirkland You earn k-stars and cash by talking to the customers and helping them pick hairstyles for certain occasions, such as a hot date or job interview. When you pick the right hairstyle for the occasion, you make the customer happy.
You Speech How much can I earn?
Sandra Kirkland If you make 5 customers happy during the week, you'll make 2 k-stars and $1,250. You can increase that to 3 k-stars and $2,250 per week.
You Speech How?
Sandra Kirkland When you fully furnish your salon by buying 1 piece of furniture for each furniture spot, you attract 2 rather than just 1 customer per day. If you make 10 customers happy each week, you make 3 k-stars and $2,250!
You Speech Got it.
Sandra Kirkland I've already lined up a talented stylist named Jayde Jones for you. Would you like to own your own salon?
You Speech 1 (Buy salon.) Star85
Speech 2 I'll think about it.
Sandra Kirkland 1 Congratulations, YourName! You are now the proud owner of a Brooklyn hair salon. What would you like to name your salon?
2 No problem. I'll be here if you change your mind.
You Speech 1 Let me think...
Speech 2 Thanks, Sandra.
Sandra Kirkland 1 YourSalonName? Love it! I'll let you get set up. Good luck!
You Speech 1 Thanks Sandra.
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