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User Guidelines

  • Age. As decreed in the Wikia Terms of Use, you need to be at least thirteen (13) years of age when registering for an account on this Wikia.
  • Personal information. We ask that you do not create new pages with personal information. Any personal information you would like to share can be displayed on your profile page.
    • You may share your iOS Game Center ID or Facebook account in the comment section of the Contacts page, in your signature, and on your profile page.
  • Safe environment. We do not allow profanity or obscene language on any of the Wiki pages.
  • Be courteous. Be respectful of your fellow gamers and do not insult them or any of the administrators.
  • Vandalism. The posting of content including, but not limited to, pornographic content, offensive content, content containing false information, or gibberish, is considered an act of vandalism and will result in an immediate ban.
  • Not being aware does not make you exempt. It is your own responsibility to make sure you are following the rules and regulations of the Wiki. Not knowing about them does not make you exempt.

Editing Code of Conduct

Section I: Editing Style Guide

  • All users, should they wish to contribute content to the Wiki, should follow the Editing Style Guide. This is a series of guidelines that exists to ensure consistent formatting throughout the Wiki.

Section II: Guidelines

  • Non-canon information. Sharing of unofficial information is not allowed on the Wiki. This includes any information regarding hacks or glitches of any kind.
  • Edit summary. Please take the time to write an edit summary if you have changed anything. Remember to check the minor edit box if necessary.
  • Editing for badges. Editing solely to increase your ranking/Wiki achievements is not allowed. 

Concerning Bans and Appeals

  • Three strikes, you're out. It can always happen that you may have simply misread or missed a rule entirely. This is the reason this Wiki adheres to the following three-strike policy:
    • First warning. The first time you break a rule, a warning will be posted on your Message Wall by an administrator.
    • Second warning. The second time you break a rule, a warning will be posted on your Message Wall by an administrator, and you will be banned from editing the Wiki for three (3) days.
    • Third warning. The third time you break a rule, you will be permanently banned from the Wiki, effective immediately. You will still be able to read the wiki, but you will not be able to edit, upload files, add comments, or enter the chat.
      • Permanent bans are not reversed.
  • It is up to the individual administrator's discretion how violations of the rules and regulations are handled. Admins do not need to follow the three-strike policy.