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Your Rival is a celebrity, who you will meet for the first time during the Into The World! goal.

Your rival will be the same gender as you. If you play as a female, she will be called Willow Pape. If you play as a male, he will be called Dirk Diamonds.

When you meet for the first time, your rival becomes convinced that you were hitting on their ex, and the story escalates from there.

Throughout the game, your rival will do and try whatever they can to beat you, including publicly humiliating you, spreading lies to the press about you, and posting rude things about you on their feed.


  • If you play as a female, you will meet Dirk Diamonds in A Meet and Greet. If you play as a male, you will meet Willow Pape in A Meet and Greet.
  • As with normal contacts, you can either BlueStarnetwork with them, or Heartflirt with Dirk and Willow if they are not your rivals.


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