⤿ REASON: Missing Level

After the crazy long wild goose chase, you are finally able to return the gift to Kim!

Dialogue: Edit

Kim Kardashian: "Hey YourName, I'm supposed to see my mom for dinner and I still haven't found her gift. I'm so upset right now..."

Speech I found it!

Kim: "You did? OMG. You're totally my hero right now! Where was it?"

Speech Kardash Miami.

Kim: "Ugh, I should have known. I stopped in there to make sure everything was fine, but I got distracted by some work that had to be done. Thank you so much for finding my mom's gift, YourName. You're the best!"

Speech You're welcome!

Kim: "I'm going to get ready for dinner with my mom. Thanks to you, I'll be able to give her the coolest gift ever. Hand hugs?"

Speech (Hand hugs!)

Once you leave Kim's mansion, Maria will call to check in with you.

Maria: "YourName? Were you able to get Kim her mom's gift before it was too late?"

Speech Yes!

Maria: "Excellent! My dogs are barking but it was all worth it! I'm happy we could find the gift. It was nice to get out of the office, too. Perhaps we'll team up and solve another mystery sometime! For now, it's time to get back to business. I'll call you if I have anything new for you."

Speech Thanks Maria!

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