As you enter duLUXE Lifestyle Apartments, your landlord Silvio Carbone will ask you to pay the Cash750 rent you owe him.

If you choose to say "Tomorrow", you will have 24 hours to pay Silvio Cash750.

Silvio will be waiting near So Chic Boutique in Downtown LA for the money. You can talk to him anytime within the time limit.

If you don't pay the rent money, Silvio will lock you out of your apartment building until you pay him. During this time, you will be unable to enter the duLUXE Lifestyle Apartment building in Downtown LA.

You will be able to access your apartment again once you've paid Silvio, who will wait outside of So Chic until you pay him.


Silvio Carbone YourName! I came in here to take a look at the pipes, but I'm glad you're here. I believe you owe somethin'... that somethin' bein' rent money. Where's my $750? When am I gettin' it?
You Speech 1 I have the money Cash750
Speech 2 Tomorrow...
Speech 3 Can I have a week? Star1
Silvio Carbone 1 It's about time...
2 Hm... all right. Fine. I'll give ya one day, but after that, I'm changin' the locks.
3 Hm... all right. Fine. I'll give ya a week, but after that I'm changin' the locks.
You Speech 1 ...
Speech 2 & 3 Okay.

Silvio Carbone You have that rent money for me?
You Speech 1 Of course! Cash750
Speech 2 Not yet.
Silvio Carbone 1 It's about time...
2 End of dialogue.
You Speech 1 ... XP+3 Energy+1

Silvio Carbone Your time's up, YourName, I'm lockin' ya out! You can get back inside your apartment when you pay me.
You Speech (Leave quietly.)
Silvio Carbone Do you have the $750 for rent yet? You can't get back into your apartment 'til ya pay me!
You Speech 1 Here's your money. Cash750
Speech 2 I don't have it...
Silvio Carbone 1 End of dialogue.XP+3 Energy+1
2 Talk to me when ya do...
You Speech 2 Okay.