Bryan Seagram has some very big and exciting news for you in regards to your reality show.

Dialogue: Edit

Bryan Seagrams: "Your Name, Willow/Dirk, you're both here! Let's get to business."

Speech What's going on?

Bryan: "The studio is planning to make a BIG investment in ONE of your two reality shows. To be specific, the studio will build you a brand new estate in Bel Air, where you can live and continue to film your reality show!"

Speech One of us?

Speech Whoa!

If you choose One of us?

Missing info

If you choose Whoa!

Bryan: "Your reality shows, much like your personalities, are often at odds. Your public rivalry has kept audiences glued to every jab you take at each other... The studio is going to leverage the popularity of your rivalry in a special reality television crossover event... Fans tuning into the crossover event will use our online service to vote for which of you they find more entertaining. Be the reality star to win over the most viewers, and the Bel Air mansion is yours!"

Speech That estate is MINE.

Speech It's on!

Additional dialogue: Edit

Willow Pape/Dirk Diamonds: "I don't know what you're so excited about, Your Name. I'm going to humiliate you on the reality crossover show and win that Bel Air mansion!"

Speech (Leave.)

Bryan Seagrams: "Feel free to really let loose on each other during the filming of your crossover reality show. May the better reality star win!"

Speech I will!

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