You have to talk to Bryan Seagram to find out the results of the reality crossover special.

Dialogue: Edit

Bryan Seagram: "Your Name, I have some fantastic news for you!"

Speech Let's hear it!

Bryan: "Your fans came through for you, Your Name. You had more than votes than Willow/Dirk, DESPITE the fact that Willow/Dirk's manager tried to cheat."

Speech How?

Bryan: "Turns out, Willow/Dirk's manager hired an online marketing team to pad her/his votes! Willow/Dirk swears she/he had no part in it, and her/his manager has been replaced. Even with the attempted voter tampering, you were CLEARLY the winner. Congratulations, Your Name. You're getting an estate in Bel Air!"

Speech YES!

Bryan: "Sandra Kirkland will meet you in Bel Air, so you can design your dream home."

Speech Great, thanks!

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