⤿ REASON: Dialogue; Missing Level.

After filming an episode of Keeping Up... at Kim's home in Beverly Hills, Simon tells you that Bryan Seagram has invited you for another meeting. You need to travel to Mirimount Pictures in Hollywood to start the meeting.

Bryan Seagram: "Congratulations, YourName! You have been selected as our reality star!"

Speech Oh!

Bryan Seagram: "I saw you on Kim's show, and everything clicked. In fact, we wanted to film this very moment, and I was wondering... what do you think we should call the show?"

Speech Hm...

You can enter a name for your series now.

Bryan Seagram: "I like it..."

Speech Thanks!

Simon: "ShowName? Has a nice ring to it... and you're filming this... right now? I'll be on TV? I don't know what to say... should I make a speech?

Speech Nope. Nope. Nope.

Simon: "Perhaps for a season-ending cliffhanger... Good luck with the first episode, YourName!"

Speech Thanks!

This goal arc was originally part of a special weekend event series to celebrate Kim Kardashian: Hollywood's 3rd Anniversary.
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