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Maria has set up a 3 hour photoshoot to reacquaint Brandon Marlo to acting, Hollywood, and, most importantly, the press! You attend alongside him to provide support and on the spot damage control.

Dialogue: Edit

Marcel Monroe: "Your Name, I didn't know that you knew Brandon Marlo... it's wonderful that an artist such as himself is ready to produce more art, but..."

Speech But...?

Marcel: "But do you think you could ask him to stop touching me?"

Speech Sure...

Brandon Marlo: "What fabric do you think the photographer's suit is made out of?"

Speech Brandon!

Brandon: "Er... sorry! Oh, no... that celebrity "news" "reporter" is coming this way..."

Speech Smile...

Ray Powers: "Your Name lovely to see you- and Brandon Marlo? Mr. Marlo, I'm Ray Powers- big fan!- think I can get a word with you?"

Speech ...

Brandon: "Oh... Hello... Ray. Nice to meet you. Your hands are soft and-"

Speech Brandon!

Brandon: "Sorry! I can't do this..."

Speech Yes, you can.

Brandon: "You're... you're right! I'm Brandon Marlo. Thespian, artist...icon!"

Speech Go get him!

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