This goal is part of the VIP Weekend Event from March 23, 2018 until March 25, 2018.
It will not be available to play after that time.

After modeling your favorite outfit in a fashion show during the previous goal, Iconique, you've received a call from your publicist, Maria Holmes.

Maria has told you that a fashion blogger is claiming you actually stole all of your looks from them.

She also tells you that you can ask Kim for advice on how to handle this situation, unlocking this goal.

Travel to Kim's Mansion in Beverly Hills and talk to Kim Kardashian to begin the goal.

Kim will tell you that the situation is tricky, but that you should just stay true to your own style.

After talking to Kim, you can move on to the next goal in the arc, Stolen Style.

If you choose not to do this goal, it will still automatically complete during the Stolen Style goal.


Kim Kardashian YourName, what are you doing here?
You Speech (Explain.)
Kim Kardashian Hmm... That's tricky. My advice? Just ignore it. Keep doing what you do best, inspiring people to express themselves and stay true to your own style.
You Speech That's so true!
Kim Kardashian Good luck on your interview, stay positive, and I know I'll see you soon on the pages of Muse Magazine!
You Speech Thanks Kim!
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