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This is the beginning of weekend 4 of the Halloween themed special events. Erik Cizek wants to meet to discuss all of the strange things that have been going on. He says the movie cannot continue shooting with the current script, which perpetuates a false history go his family.

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Time Time: 6 hours
5Stars 5-Star rating: Cash+500, XP+215, Star+1


Erik Cizek You came. I was afraid I scared you off.
You Speech It's you!
Erik Cizek Yes. I didn't mean to scare you when you visited the house before, but I can't let you keep filming that movie.
You Speech Why not?
Erik Cizek Because, it's spreading more lies about my great- great- great- grandfather. I can't stand for that.
You Speech Oh, sorry.
Erik Cizek I know it's not your fault, but I will do whatever I can to make sure that film doesn't get made. So either change the script to reflect the true story or give up your plans altogether.
You Speech I see.

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Maria Holmes YourName, this Dark Prince of Prague movie is turning into a real disaster.
You Speech I know!
Maria Holmes Well, I think you should go meet with Rudolph, that director, to figure out what to do. We can't just let him go haywire, talk to him and come up with a plan. There has to be something you can do.
You Speech Got it.

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