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Prague Bar is located in Prague. It costs Star60

(Can Not buy with) Cash to purchase. If you 5-star a 6-hour bartending shift, your bar will earn 2 k-stars and $2,500. That payout increases to 3 k-stars and $3,500, if you fully furnish your bar. You can attract musical acts to your bar, which boosts the cash you make.



Image Furniture Piece Cost Purchase Reward
PragueBarMountedTV Mounted TV Star5 GoldHeart8
PragueBarDrinkTray Drink Tray Star10 GoldStar8
PragueBarDiscoBall Disco Ball Star15 GoldHeart8
PragueBarWhiteFern White Fern Cash9,500 GoldStar8

Prague Bar ExteriorEdit

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