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Kris shares an idea with you; you should open a second location of So Chic in the Hamptons! Stop by the empty retail space to have a talk with the current owner.

Dialogue Edit

Silvio Carbone: "Well, well, well... Look who it is!"

Speech You own this space? Energy14

Silvio: "What? You don't think a guy like me could own buildin's in multiple states? That's ignorant. You're ignorant. I have my ways to get money..."

Speech Sorry...

Silvio: "Yeah, yeah. Look at you now... a big-shot celeb-er-aty, but I till remember when you was lookin' to make ends meet! But now that you gots you some money, I assume you're ready to talk turkey... by which I mean money."

Speech I am.

Silvio: "I'm interested, but you're a little late. I already had a celeb-er-tay drop by with an offer."

Speech Willow?

Speech Chad Dylan?

Speech Kris Jenner?

If you choose Chad Dylan?

If you choose Kris Jenner?

If you choose Willow?

Silvio: "What? No! I guess you celeb-er-aties don't talk to each other, huh? Chad Dylan Parker, and I can't say no to no movie star! I love movies- just wish they'd make a sequel to Dark Streets. Anyway.. where was I? Chad Dylan- we're on a first-name basis, that's right!- is offerin' $20,000. He wants to open some kinda clothing thing."

Speech (Offer money.)

Speech Dark Streets?

If you choose (Offer money.)

If you choose Dark Streets?

Silvio: "Yeah! That's my favorite! It's directed by Victor Morcello- guy's a genius. There was talk of a sequel, but nothin' ever happened."

Speech I could change that.

Silvio: "Oh, yeah? You think so? Tells ya what: you, by some miracle, get a Dark Streets sequel goin', and I'll give this dump- for $1,000."

Speech Deal

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