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Sometime after installing version 10.6 of the game, your character will receive a call from your agent, Simon Orsik.

Simon will announce that the holiday season, specifically Christmas, is not only his favourite time of the year, but also a season for giving.

Given your celebrity, your publicist, Maria Holmes, has suggested that by working a shift at the pop-up store in Santa Monica, you'll be giving back to the employees, and you agree.

You can wait 24 hours until Simon calls you about the shift, or pay Star48 k-stars to start immediately.

Travel to Santa Monica, tap the purple icon BuildingsIcon on the first building to enter and talk to Ray Powers to begin the goal.

Once your shift begins, your character will be dressed in clothes available from the Happy Holidays! gift box event. Kim is also there, dressed in a festive red dress.

She explains that she ran into Maria, and decided to help you out during your shift. She also talks a little bit about her annual Christmas card family photo shoot.

When you help your first customer, she's shocked to learn that both Kim and you are working. More specifically because she received an e-mail to say that the pop-up shop would be closed for renovations.

After completing your shift, tap the red exit icon Exit to leave the store.

Outside, you'll receive a call from Maria, who thanks you for giving back. She's been informed that there is an animal shelter in need of your star power, and when you agree to lend a hand, the next goal, Pet Adoption Event, is unlocked.

Holiday OutfitsEdit

Available ActionsEdit

Time Limit: Time8 Hours
Energy Needed: Energy85
Stars Needed: BlueStar89
5Stars 5-Star Reward: Cash+750, XP+200

Action Cost Reward Achievement
make sale Energy1 Cash+1, XP+1, BlueStar+1 -
give fashion advice Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -
find different size Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -
greet customer Energy6 Cash+7, XP+8, BlueStar+8 -
superb advice Energy6 Cash+6, XP+5, BlueStar+6 -
MoneyMakerIcon money maker Energy6 Cash+8, XP+8, BlueStar+8 -


Simon Orsik YourName, it's my favourite time of the year!
You Speech 1 The holidays?
Speech 2 Manager Appreciation Month?
Simon Orsik 1 Yes, specifically Kristmas, a time for giving. And for big stars like you, it's the perfect time to give back.
You Speech 1 Sounds good.
Speech 2
Simon Orsik Maria shared a nice idea. She suggested doing a shift at the Santa Monica pop-up shop, so the staff can spend some time with friends and family.
You Speech Sure.
Simon Orsik Excellent. I'm sure the employees will be thrilled, as will the customers. It's looking like it'll be a merry Kristmas for all!
You Speech Good to hear.

Kim Kardashian Hi, YourName.
You Speech Kim!
Kim Kardashian I bumped into Maria. She told me about the nice thing you were doing for the staff here, so I decided to come help.
You Speech You're the best!
Kim Kardashian Anything for my bestie! I just came from the photo shoot for our family holiday card.
You Speech How'd it go?
Kim Kardashian The card turned out great. It's just...
You Speech Lots of drama?
Kim Kardashian Yes, there were challenges. But thankfully the family came together, and the card turned out beautifully.
You Speech Awesome.
Kim Kardashian I guess we should see if the customers need help.
You Speech Let's do it.
Allison Shaw OMG! You're YourName!
You Speech Welcome.
Allison Shaw Wait a second. Is that Kim Kardashian! I'm dead.
You Speech (Smile.)
Allison Shaw Know what's funny? I got an email that the pop-up shop was closed for renovations. I'm so glad I came anyways.
You Speech Strange...
Allison Shaw Yes, very weird.
You Speech Want to try anything on?
Allison Shaw Definitely - just give me a few minutes. My brain is still processing that you and Kim are here.
You Speech Take your time.

RTFeed StyleThatPops @PopUpShop
We'll have pics posted of YourName from Pop-Up Shop Shift on (Date) at (Time).
RayPowersFeed Ray Powers @StarNews_Ray
All eyes were on YourName during her/his appearance at Pop-Up Shop Shift.
+903,552 fans

Maria Holmes YourName, the media coverage of you at the Santa Monica pop-up shop is amazing. But I'm just pleased that you gave back. Up for spreading some more Kristmas cheer?
You Speech Absolutely.
Maria Holmes A local animal shelter is hoping to find homes for its cats and dogs. The Brew Palms has been kind enough to host an event for the shelter. Would you be up for working at the event? I'm sure your star power would attract a ton more potential pet owners.
You Speech I'm happy to help.
Maria Holmes Great! I'll let them know you're coming. Take care, YourName.
You Speech You too, Maria.

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