After replacing the umbrella, the next step in the renovation of the dilapidated Villa Jardin is to expand the seating area by the pool.

To expand the seating area, you'll have to pay Yazmin Star20 and spend Energy3 to complete the "add more seating" action.

After completing the action, and collecting the reward from the goal, the screen will turn black and then refresh, revealing the expanded seating area by the pool.

The dialogue for the next goal, Beach Baller, will also be revealed, but you won't start the goal until you pay Star20 for the renovation.

Available ActionsEdit

Action Cost Rewards
add more seating Energy3 Cash+3, XP+3


Yazmin Torres The umbrella looks fantastic! Wow, people are going to start flocking to this pool - you should add more places to sit.
You Speech 1 Good idea. Star20
Speech 2 (Come back later.)
Yazmin Torres This place is going to wow guests.
You Speech A (Smile.)
Speech B Tell me about RT.
Yazmin Torres A End of dialogue.
B Shortly after RT and I took a break from each other, I heard he started dating someone. What do I do? I get into a relationship with some random guy, who I wasn't really into. Years later, I found out RT was dating someone at that time, because he thought I was with someone.
You Speech B Tragic.
Yazmin Torres B You can say that again.
You Speech B Tragic.

Yazmin Torres This is THE best pool in Costa Rica. The only thing left to do is fix up the beach.
You Speech 1 Let's do it! Star20
Speech 2 (Come back later.)

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