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  • Select a pet in the wardrobe to walk it.
  • Collect paws: tap your pet to get paws.
  • Collect paws to get rewards. Deluxe pets award pet clothing!

Deluxe Pets

Stray Cat
Pets-deluxe-icon01 Cost: Star20
Reward: GoldHeart10
Pets-deluxe-icon02 Cost: Star40
Reward: GoldStar16
Pets-deluxe-icon03 Cost: Star150
Reward: GoldStar3
Pets-deluxe-icon04 Cost: Star80
Reward: GoldStar8
Pets-deluxe-icon05 Cost: Star90
Reward: GoldHeart8
Pets-deluxe-icon06 Cost: Star100
Reward: GoldStar8
Pets-deluxe-icon07 Cost: Star100
Reward: GoldStar8
Pets-deluxe-icon08 Cost: Star90
Reward: GoldStar8


Maria Holmes YourName, finding the perfect pet just got easier.
You Speech Oh yeah?
Maria Holmes You can shop for adorable animals in the wardrobe. These cuddly companions aren't just cute, they can get you rewards.
You Speech What kind of rewards?
Maria Holmes They give cash and energy. If you own Deluxe pets, you can get pet clothing!
You Speech How do I get the rewards?
Maria Holmes You can get these rewards by collecting Paws. Every 100 Paws you collect with a pet gets you some cash and energy. To get the Deluxe pet clothing, collect the number of Paws shown above the pet clothing icon in your wardrobe.
You Speech How do I get Paws?
Maria Holmes To get Paws, select your pet from the wardrobe to walk it, and when you see the glow underneath your pet, tap it for Paws. Every 4 hours, you can tap the pet of your choice for Paws.
You Speech Got it.
Maria Holmes There are over 30 pets you can collect. Want to see them?
You Speech 1 Sure.
Speech 2 Maybe later.
Maria Holmes 1 Tap the Pets button in the wardrobe to check them out.
2 Okay, have fun with the pets!
You Speech 1 Okay.
Speech 2 Later, Maria.

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