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Partnerships are a type of prize players can win from the daily gift box. To complete a partnership, you have to collect the bronze, silver and gold badges, after which a reward will unlock.

Partnerships are unlocked when you have reached level 11 in the game and have completed the Glamm Dinner Meeting goal.

Rewards vary per partnership and may unlock Energyenergy, Cashcash, Stark-stars, exclusive kustomize items, or photobooth backgrounds.

All partnerships will reset after you collect a reward, giving you the chance to move up a level with the partnership and win a different reward.

Some partnerships are available only to VIP players.

Female PartnershipsEdit

Level Image Partnership Reward
1 Female-EleganzaPartnership Eleganza Starlet-top-dress454
1 Female-GlammMagazinePartnership-Level1 GLAMM Magazine Star+5
2 Female-GlammMagazinePartnership GLAMM Magazine ImageMissing
1 Female-MusePartnership Muse Magazine Energy+20
1 Female-TajniPartnership Tajni Starlet-top-dress455 GoldHeart+2
1 Female-TheBritanniaBallroomPartnership The Britannia Ballroom ImageMissing
1 Female-MiraggioGrandePartnership Miraggio Grande ImageMissing

Female VIP PartnershipsEdit

Type Image Partnership Reward
Bronze Female-DieKoniglichePartnership Die Königliche ImageMissing

Male PartnershipsEdit

Image Partnership Reward

Male VIP PartnershipsEdit

Type Image Partnership Reward
Bronze Male-PopGlamDublinPartnership PopGlam Dublin ImageMissing


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