Tramezzino e Panino Restaurant (known as Panino) is located in Beverly Hills.

This restaurant will usually have two people to talk to and is a location where you can call for a date.

D-Listers reside in Panino and will reject you if you are not D-List or higher, but you can save the conversation by spending Star 13.


Listed in alphabetical order.


Dating ActionsEdit

Action Cost Reward Achievement
chef's special Cash40, Energy6 XP+7, Heart+7 -
fancy wine Cash50, Energy3 XP+2, Heart+4 -
dessert Cash15, Energy2 XP+2, Heart+3 -
kiss Energy5 XP+6, Heart+9, Energy+1 -
flirt Energy8 XP+7, Heart+7 Love
romantic glances Energy3 Cash+1, XP+3, Heart+3 Love


By tapping these objects, you will gain bonus CashCash, XPXP Points and EnergyEnergy. Tapping CashCash and XPXP before it vanishes reduces the waiting time for energy to regenerate by a few seconds.

Image Object Name
BeverlyHills ChampagneBottle Champagne Bottle

Panino ExteriorEdit

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