During Special Events, you can earn event points by completing a 6-hour photo shoot at any of the PopGlam Magazine locations around the world during the PopGlam Around The World event.

You can travel to Montana your own for Cash55 or choose the 'Start 6-hour shoot now' option, which will immediately take you there.

Complete all of the actions to score a 5Stars 5-Star rating on the shoot, and you'll earn 40 event points.

Available ActionsEdit

Time Limit: Time 6 Hours
Energy Needed: Energy86
Stars Needed: BlueStar110
5Stars 5-Star Reward: Cash+625, XP+215

Action Cost Reward Achievement
grab some shade Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -
take a break Energy4 Cash+4, XP+3, BlueStar+4 -
tree backdrop Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -
warm up Energy3 Cash+3, XP+3, BlueStar+3 -
mountains backdrop Energy1 Cash+3, XP+5, BlueStar+4 -
wardrobe change Energy3 Cash+3, XP+3, BlueStar+3 -
action shot! Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -
hold that pose! Energy8 Cash+9, XP+7, BlueStar+12 Media Darling
check negatives Energy6 Cash+6, XP+5, BlueStar+7 -
ContactsIcon pose together Energy5 Cash+20, XP+6, BlueStar+8 -


Simon Orsik YourName, are you interested in getting some event points?
You Speech 1 Sure!
Speech 2 No thanks.
Simon Orsik 1 Great! PopGlam is running its PopGlam Around The World event. You jet off to one of their locations and do a 6-hour photo shoot. If you score a 5-star rating on it, you'll get 40 event points.
2 No problem. I'll talk to you soon.
You Speech 1 Got it.
Speech 2 Later, Simon.
Simon Orsik This time PopGlam Around The World is in Montana. Would you like to start the shoot now or later?
You Speech 3 (Start 6-hour shoot now.)
Speech 4 I'll do it later.
Speech 5 I don't want to do it.
Simon Orsik 3 End of dialogue.
4 I'll try pushing the gig back 6 hours - no promises, though.
5 No problem. Okay, back to making you an even bigger star.
You Speech 4 Got it, thanks.
Speech 5 Thanks, Simon.

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PATW Montana will be revealed on (Date) at (Time)!

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