After talking to Kim Kardashian at her home in Beverly Hills, this goal is automatically unlocked.

To become a D-List celebrity, you need to gain fans. There are three ways you can gain fans in the game:

  • Completing goals;
  • Completing projects, photo shoots and appearances;
  • Going on dates with romantic contacts.

By earning a 5-star rating 5Stars on a project and a 5-heart rating 5Heart on dates, you'll earn the most fans.

By completing the Socially Awkward goal series, and subsequently going on two blind dates with the person Kim Kardashian sets you up with during the Celebrity Matchmaker goal will already earn you 2,106 fans.

Further completing the Walk It Off! goal earns you another 263 fans.

You will need to earn around 5,000 fans to reach the D-List, which means you'll need to complete around 5 projects and/or go on 5 dates.


This section describes content that has been replaced or removed from the game.
This information is kept here for historical purposes.