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Sometime after reaching level 13 in the game, your manager, Simon Orsik, will give you a call and ask you how good you are at mixing drinks.

Regardless of your answer, Simon will tell you that the hottest bar in Prague wants you to be their celebrity bartender!

Travel to the Prague Bar in Prague and talk to the bar's manager, Dominika Krall, to begin the goal.

Dominika tells you that the bar's really excited to have you as a celebrity bartender for the night. She then goes on to explain that you'll be making three drinks during the night, as that's all people order.

The drinks are: gin and tonics, daiquiris and screwdrivers. She'll begin by teaching you how to make a gin and tonic, which you make using gin and tonic water.

After mixing the drink according to Dominika's instructions, the next goal, Stir Things Up!, will be automatically unlocked.


Simon Orsik YourName, how good are you at mixing drinks?
You Speech 1 I'm a pro. Cash+10 XP+5
Speech 2 I'm clueless!
Simon Orsik 1 Terrific! I've got a fun gig for you. The hottest bar in Prague wants to put you behind the bar!
2 Don't worry. You're about to get some practice. The hottest bar in Prague wants to put you behind the bar!
You Speech 1 & 2 Cool.
Simon Orsik 1 & 2 The manager, Dominika Krall, will fill you in on the details. The bar is next to Mirimount Pictures in Prague. Cheers!
You Speech 1 & 2 Thanks, Simon.

ImageMissing Hi, YourName, my name is Dominika. I'm a big fan!
You Speech Thanks.
ImageMissing We're SO excited to have you tend bar. Cool if I give you a few tips?
You Speech Sure.
ImageMissing As the bartender here, you'll be making gin and tonics, daiquiris, and screwdrivers. That's all people order here. To mix those drinks, you just need to add the right ingredients.
You Speech Got it.
ImageMissing To get you warmed up, let's have you make a gin and tonic. A gin and tonic has gin and tonic water in it. Go ahead and grab one of the chilled glasses.
You Speech (Grab chilled glass.)
ImageMissing Now add the gin.
You Speech 1 (Add gin.)
Speech 2 (Add vodka.)
ImageMissing 1 Perfect. Now add the tonic water.
You Speech A (Add tonic water.)
Speech B (Add tomato juice.)
ImageMissing A Great, now just stir.
You Speech A Okay.
Speech B

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