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Misty Levin first comes onto the scene during Meeting Misty, where Kim Kardashian has told you to speak with her about getting some of her fashion designs into Kardash Miami. She is a fashion designer who works at the temporary office in LAX.

Personality Edit

Misty Levin is shown to have a kind and humble personality towards your character. At the Mistyque Afterparty in Australia, she reveals that she came from a small town and that she had big dreams of making it in the big city. She will often say that she likes working with you because of your admirable attitude.

Misty doesn't like being around large crowds and is "not really into clubs." At an event made to celebrate her success, she will jokingly tell you that she might just "end up standing next to you the whole night." However, to avoid appearing rude to her guests, she is obligated to go to these parties.

She also has a boyfriend named Tom Lord who is a marketing executive for "Immaculat Vodka."


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