After talking to fashion designer Misty Levin and asking her to make small alterations to her work so that you might sell it in Kardash Miami, you'll need to talk to her again.

Misty is happy with how the meeting went, and tells you that her boyfriend, Tom Lord, who is a marketing executive, told her not to worry about the meeting.

Misty asks you to stay in touch, and that rounds off the goal.


Misty Levin That went really well! I'm glad we'll be able to get my work into Kardash! My boyfriend was right when he said I had nothing to worry about.
You Speech Your boyfriend?
Misty Levin Oh, yeah! Hi name's Tom Lord. He's a marketing executive for "Immaculat Vodka." I guess it makes sense that he knows what would sell. Anyway, it was great to meet you; let's stay in touch.
You Speech You bet.