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Maria_Holmes : Drop what you're doing and come see me. unless you're doing something important then finish that first.

Speech okay

//When you arrived at Maria's Office//

Maria_Holmes : Do you think you'd ever be interested in having a suit named after you at the Miraggio Grande hotel in Las Vegas ?

Speech are you joking?

Maria_Holmes :Serious as a beaver. the Miraggio Grande is looking for a celebrity couple for a promotional blitz they're doing...

Maria_Holmes :Do you thing you and (partner) would be interested? I mean, hello having a suite named after you is just too good to pass up! Speech Totally agree!

Maria_Holmes :I knew you'd say yes! let me go snap some fingers and make this deal happen. you just grab your husband and hear over to Miraggio Grande for a date, I'll let them know you're already promoting their restaurant!

Speechsounds good!

RayPowersFeed Ray Powers @StarNews_Ray
@(your name) and @(your spouse's name) got hot and spicy at Miraggio Grande while promoting the hotel's restaurant. @(your name) dessert spoon had quite the night, too!
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