This goal arc was part of the January Weekend Event from January 15th until January 31, 2018.
The arc will only remain available after that time if you've unlocked the first goal, All Wet.

After completing the event at Blue Mist Spa in Reykjavík, you will be prompted to meet Michigan Smith on the streets of Reykjavík.

Once you tell him that you've discovered Vivian Vandermeer is heading back to Bora Bora to complete the last piece of the treasure hunt, you both decide to head there, too!

After the conversation, the next goal, Mora Bora, is unlocked.


Michigan Smith YourName, what did you find out?
You Speech (Explain.)
Michigan Smith Back to Bora Bora! Well, we better hurry up if we want to get there before Vivian does.
You Speech Let's hurry!
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