For your first job as an official buyer for Kardash Miami, it's time to meet with fashion designer Misty Levin.

Travel to the Championship Business Centers Inc. in LAX and talk to Misty for Energy3 to begin the goal.

Misty will tell you that you look familiar, but that she's eager for you to check out her designs.

This will unlock the next goal, Buyer's Market.


Misty Levin Hey, YourName. You look familiar... anyway, it's nice to meet you!
You Speech 1 Nice to meet you. Energy3
Speech 2 (Come back later.)
Misty Levin Okay, so I have some new styles to show you. I hope they live up to your expectations...
You Speech A I'm sure they will. Cash+6, XP+3
Speech B I hope so... Cash+6, XP+3